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12 Week Wednesday Weight Loss Challenge – Week Two Results and BLTs

I love a good BLT. Salty bacon, fresh, crisp lettuce and vine-ripened, garden tomatoes between thick, toasted bread and a rich swipe of mayo.  I’m salivating just thinking about it. Do you love a good BLT?

I eat BLTs everyday.

And since I made a promise to share my victories and defeats, I gained a pound this week. And I’m cranky about it.

I’m pretty sure it’s because of all those BLTs.

I can’t help myself.


Oh, by the way, This is not the BLT to which I am referring.

I’m talking about the other BLTs.

Bites, Licks and Tastes.

The half a grilled cheese on the kids’ plates. The “not enough left to put in the fridge”. The “let me just check to make sure it isn’t poisonous”. Or my personal favorite,  the “If no one’s around to see me eat it, it doesn’t count”.

Aaaaaaaahhhhh ok. Now you know what I’m talking about, right? Sure you do. These are the things that sabotage our diet. Yes, even if you don’t actually log them in, they still count. Man do they count! Those BLTs can add up to hundreds of extra calories and can wreck all your diet efforts.

My goal for this week, in addition to an increase in my daily activity is to be totally and brutally honest with my points. That means everything gets logged. Everything! Every M&M, every cookie, every piece of candy, every leftover mouthful. Everything.

How honest are you with yourself? Is this something you need to work on too? Chime in peeps. I need to know there are other fibbers out there to keep my company.

Speaking of company. If you want to friend me on Fitbit, I’d love to challenge you to a daily hustle! You can find me on Fitbit as Cluttercafe.

Let’s kill it this week!


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  1. I was up this week too. But let’s not beat ourselves up. It’s a new week! We’ve got this.

  2. Blt’s are a girls WORST enemy. . .especially the crust of a sandwich that is sooooooo yummy!!!

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