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Death By Chocolate Trifle

Welcome back to this week’s Reindeer Recipe Hop! Once again some of my favorite bloggers are sharing their favorite holiday traditions and recipes. Please go check them out. They are FAB!


Every year we have a Christmas Eve open house. I make the same menu each year, sometimes I add something new or take something off the menu, if it doesn’t seem to go well. My menu consists of Beef Tenderloin with mushroom gravy, lobster pie, shrimp cocktail, baked macaroni, clam chowder, chicken wings and meatballs. Are you drooling yet? Sometimes I think people just come for the food.

I don’t do a whole lot of desserts though, as people usually stuff themselves with the meal. But there are always jewel cookies and Death by Chocolate trifle.

death by chocolate trifle

Death by Chocolate Trifle is a delicious, simple, irresistible dessert. Layers of Kahlua soaked chocolate cake, rich chocolate pudding and whipped cream, sprinkled with crunchy toffee crumbles.

It’s kind of a grown up dessert, as it does have alcohol in it. If I have to truthful, I’ve seen the kids eat it too, booze and all. There really isn’t enough liquor to get them loopy and most of the alcohol evaporates anyway. They might just sleep a bit better. Yah know, they have to be asleep before the Big Guy gets there, so it’s ok. Please don’t call the cops on me. That would not be very Christmasy of you. You could leave the alcohol out, but you really don’t want to do that.

All the ingredients can be put together beforehand so a few hours before your event you can piece it all together. No slaving in the kitchen. I’m sure there’s other things you can be doing. This is an easy one,  trust me.

I’ll put it to you this way, in twenty years, my husband has yet to have an opportunity to try this at our open house. Um, yeah it’s that good.

Death By Chocolate Trifle
Recipe type: Dessert
Delicious, simple, rich, chocolate dessert.
  • Chocolate cake, prepared
  • 1 box Chocolate pudding, prepared
  • 1 large container cool whip or 4-6 cups freshly whipped cream
  • 1 bag crushed toffee (Heath, SKOR bars)
  • 1½-2 c. Kahlua
  1. Pour Kahlua evenly over the cake and allow to soak for an hour or even overnight (it shouldn't be really wet)
  2. Cut cake into 1" cubes and and place a single layer in the bottom of a trifle bowl
  3. Layer with pudding, then cool whip and sprinkle generously with toffee bits.
  4. Continue in that order until bowl is filled, ending with whipped cream and toffee.
  5. Dive in!

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  1. Holy moly! I need to have some of this now! this looks so decadent! Lisa, this is definitely going to be on my holiday menu too! Thank you for sharing!

    • Easy and delicious

  2. Lisa, this sounds like a whoopie pie with a kick! No wonder hubby hasn’t had any! Looks so yum and easy too. My kind of recipe. Can’t wait to try!

    • It is sooooooo good! ENJOY!