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This is what I did this weekend.

There was drinking.

There was fireworks.

There was a waterslide.

There was a pie eating contest.

There was even bull riding. Yes, you read that right.  Bull riding.

Oh, and did I mention drinking?

We had quite a neighborhood shindig. Truly amazing. Thanks to all my wonderful new neighbors who organized this. It was unlike any other party I had ever attended. Well, not high school. We won’t talk about high school. This is a family blog.

It was like we dialed up the weather. Sunny and in the low 80’s and a beautiful, cool, clear evening for the fireworks display, that rivaled any I have seen. It couldn’t have been more perfect. And my new neighbors are all so generous and wonderful and fun. Like one big, happy family. Minus the crazy and dysfunction.

Ok, maybe still crazy. But in a good way.

Then today I had to go back to work. Bluck. Not that I don’t love the girls I work with, cuz I do. But having to wake up before 9:30 and actually have to brush my teeth and shower, really kinda sucked. Just keepin it real people. You know how it is going back after vacation. Getting back into the swing of things is tough.

Coming home to the upstairs toilet that overflowed into my kitchen was tougher.

Ok, I’ve cleaned, sterilized, cleaned some more and have had my meltdown and my WTF moment. Time to move on. And by moving on I mean sitting down to a drink. I think there may be leftovers from this weekend hiding somewhere.

I’ll catch ya later.

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