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Christmas Update

Let me catch you up. If you are following the Holiday Grand Plan over at Organized Christmas, week one of holiday preparations involves making lists and more lists.
In full disclosure, I’m already weeks behind! So I’m lumping several weeks in together now to play catch up.

I printed out the Grand Plan Calendar, so I can keep a visual reference handy. Here’s where I stand right now.

Week One: List Week (Entryway/Foyer) and Week Two: Question Week (Living Room) I combined these weeks because they seemed to ask the same questions. It was time to tackle Lists, Lists and more lists! I purchased a gift appand have actively started utilizing it. I seems to be working out pretty well so far. I’ve put lots of ideas in for people when I see them, but haven’t actually purchased anything yet. I also began making lists of homemade gifts. Who is getting what, how are they going to be packaged and how can I prepare things well in advance. Those were the biggest questions I needed to tackle.

Week Three: Entryway/Foyer
I don’t really have one, so that’s done. Holla! Although I would like to create a more functional entryway for the kids to hang backpacks and jackets and such.

Week Four: Master Bedroom
This is an ongoing battle for me. I did clean and organize much of my closet and some of my drawers to get rid of old clothes that could be either be donated or tossed. I also gave it a good dusting and no shampooed the carpet. I’m not too stressed about the state of my bedroom.

This week’s cleaning focus is the front porch: We’ll clean and organize the area around the front door so that our home will be ready to welcome visitors during the holiday

Week Five: Master Bath
Again, this is an on-going project. Really it’s just keeping it tidy. Since I have OCD when it comes to bathrooms, that’s not really an issue. You can sit your naked butt on any toilet in my house at a moments notice and feel pretty safe.

Where are you with your holiday plans?

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